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Welcome to

Channeling Positivity

Alternative Provision School

Inspiring young people

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Who We Are?

We are an alternative provision free school aimed at 13-16 year olds needing another option other than mainstream schooling.

Our vision

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Our personalised learning programmes will promote inclusion and raise achievement. We will also focus on health and emotional well-being so our students will go on to lead positive lives.
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Past, present and future
Our experiences made us who we are, so we hope to offer experiences to our students that will make them who they can be.

Our Curriculum

Our work
GCSE's, Functional Skills, Employability Skills, weekly work experience, residentials, sport and fitness, creative workshops and much much more.
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Happy Students

That's the aim
We want to Channel Positivity into each of our students and help make their life a success. Our Spirit is simply about Channeling Positivity and Challenging Negativity.

Channeling Positivity is a new school, which opened in September 2015.

Our school provides an alternative education for 56 young people aged 13-16 years, who are finding it hard to attend and succeed in a mainstream school.
Our class sizes are SMALL and our attention to individual needs is BIG.

Our Values

Every student and member of staff has PRIDE running through their veins.

P- Positive Purpose
R - Respectful Relationships
I - Ideas and Innovation
D - Positive Discipline
E - Employability and Enterprise

Our Character

Every student and member of staff will develop and model our character to become:



We love hearing from people who are excited, curious and energised by our school. So don't hesitate to get in touch and share your passion and ideas with us. If you know you need something different, can offer something different or want to make a difference then the time to act is NOW and help us to make a change.
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MEET THE TEAM ...so far

Fiona Derrick


Coming Soon

Claire Kay

Business Manager

`We are working hard to ensure all the building blocks of Channeling deliver value for money for commissioners and a positive post 16 destination for all our students.`

Dennis Simms

Head of School

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Mark Eyre

Assistant Principal


Andy Mortimer

Chair of Governors


Marcel Murray

Teacher of Business & Employability

Coming Soon

Sam Winch

Teacher of Maths

Coming Soon

Emma Constantine


Coming Soon

Leah Fielding

Teaching Assistant

Coming Soon

Sarah Cattermole

Teaching Assistant

Coming Soon

James Ilkiw

T&L Apprentice

Coming Soon

Ash Wallis


Coming Soon

Stef Smith

Mentor & SENCO

Coming Soon

Ashley Anderson


Coming Soon

Hannah Anza

Teaching Assistant

Coming Soon

Amanda Hunt

Female Engagement Officer

Coming Soon

David Watts

Student Engagement Leader

Coming Soon

Karen Woodford


Coming Soon

Kain Bell

Teaching & Learning Apprentice

Coming Soon

Pheletia Liburd


Coming Soon



Coming Soon

Najma Ahmad


Coming Soon

Danielle Ford

Teacher of English

Coming Soon

Charlotte Wood

Student Mentor

Coming soon


At Channeling Positivity we offer a broad and balanced curriculum for all and offer the flexibility to be able to personalise learning to meet individual student needs. We have carefully selected a range of courses which offer appropriate levels of challenge, interest and value in the workplace in order to provide students with a comprehensive educational experience.

Our course structure enables students to gain qualifications at varying levels (GCSE’s to Entry level) across the following main subject areas: English, Maths, Business and Employability, Creative Studies and Sports Science. In addition, we offer the opportunity to learn new skills and gain qualifications in cooking, first aid, music, health studies and many other areas as relevant to the needs and interests of our students.

We encourage students to take pride in everything they do and develop in themselves our school’s positive character traits. We support students with their self esteem, confidence, motivation, behaviour and engagement and take time to build positive relationships with students to ensure they feel supported and make progress.

For more information about our school life please take a look at our cloud website.



Number of Pupils


Open Schools







Full details of our 2017-18 Prospectus are available here:
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Policies & Procedures

Full details
For current information on Channeling Positivity's policies and procedures please click here:
P&Ps Download

Student referral

Application form
Please complete this application form on behalf of a student you wish to refer to Channeling Positivity.


Public Document
Here is a copy of our accounts made available to the public as required by law.


We are looking to work in partnership with numerous businesses

Channeling Positivity means business!

How we can help you

To create a lasting partnership with your business so that our students can help themselves and your company grow. It can also give you the perfect case study to demonstrate your commitment to your own CSR agenda.

How you can help us

We need you to pledge your support today. Please consider the options described below and together we can make a difference to a young person's life forever.

Work Experience opportunities

We would like our business partners to provide work experience opportunities in the form of long term short term work placements/internships.

Volunteer opportunities

If experience or internships aren't possible we would appreciate if you could provide long term and short volunteering opportunities.


Delivering a short or long session in your area of expertise. Share and pass on your passion.

Sponsoring Staff members

Sponsoring a member of staff by contributing to their salary costs.

Bitesize Business training

Delivering face to face or remote bitesize lessons on the different areas of business, finance and enterprise.

Student Mentoring

Student mentoring / 1:1 engagement opportunities, both internal and external, to help positively change the prospects of a young person.

Work Tours

Allowing students to visit and tour your workplace to get a better feel for a work environment.

Sponsoring student resources

Sponsoring student resources such as sports equipment and clothing.

Sponsoring a vehicle

Sponsoring a minibus or other vehicle.

Sponsoring our breakfast club

Helping us provide our breakfast club to those who need it.

Financial donation

Making a financial donation to our Channeling Positivity Foundation.

Pledging a perk to our Staff

Pledge a perk to our staff to help them unwind! You know they deserve it.



If you want regular bite-sized updates about how the school is succeeding, please head to our twitter page and follow us!
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For all the detailed news please head across to our Facebook page.  We try to post engaging content that should give you a better idea of what we do.
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We are not currently recruiting:

Contact Us

Get in touch with us. Feel Free to use contact below.

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